Talon Radio Carriers


Why The Talon Clip?

➤ Design 

Made of high strength polycarbonate ↘

Lower center of gravity in relation to the clip position ↘

➤ Functionality

Allowing the user to charge the radio with the carrier in place, eliminating the need to carry the radio clip separately, and decreasing tasks during response/arrival ↘

➤ Performance

Positioning of the clip to allow full user access to the screens and radio controls  ↘

Providing multiple carry options with a carabineer/shoulder strap attachment point and a D-ring carry option available ↘

Reducing the possibility of accidental loss in high demand environments ↘

Is My Radio a Standard APX or an XE?

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Why the Talon Radio Carrier...

About Us

Designed by a firefighter for firefighters, but built to fill the needs of all APX users. Meant to be functional and secure, the Talon Carrier eliminates many of the design shortcomings of the manufacturer-issued radio carrier.

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